Suzuki 1989-1998 Sidekick/Tracker

3" Body Lift

2 Door

We're normally not big proponents of body lifts, But on this vehicle it's mandatory for achieving the most lift as possible. Getting the body rocker panels below the door up away from the ground is important for saving the body as well as tire clearance. Our 3" body lift includes custom front bumper brackets, blocks, and mounting hardware. It can be used in combination with our 2" or 3" suspension systems for maximum tire clearance when using up to 32" tall tires. This a complete kit and includes detailed installation instructions. Kit does include transfer case shift lever extension. Minor welding required for shift lever extension and on some models, the steering shaft will also need to be modified.

  • 3" Body Lift
  • $199.95
  • SK19600
  • 1989 – 1995
    Suzuki Sidekick/Tracker
  • $60.00 Flat Rate Shipping in the USA