Nissan 2016-2020 Titan/Titan XD

Titan XD Cut-Out Fender Flares

Give your Nissan Titan XD an aggessive new look using CALMINI's new CUT-OUT Fender Flares! The Nissan Titan suffers from a small wheel opening that forces you to run more lift and spend more money than you might want to achieve the "look" from larger tires. These are not your average fender lip extensions, they are an accessory that allows you to use 2-3" less lift to run the larger tire diameter you desire. Thermal formed from high-impact acrylic with a special UV-resistant layer, they provide extra width to protect from road grime. Leave your CALMINI Fender Flares unpainted in Matte Black, or paint them to match. They're offered as a front set, rear set, or a full 4-wheel package. They add significant tire coverage and more importantly 2.5" of additional clearance. Installation is easy, with minimal sheet metal trimming and drilling required. Comes with complete hardware and detailed instructions. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA. $539.95 set Introductory Price - $489.95 Run 33" tires with 2" of lift Run 35" tires with 3" of lift Run 37" tires with 6" of lift 3" Lift with 35" Tires Pictured

  • Titan XD Cut-Out Fender Flares
  • $489.95 set
  • NP18100
  • 2016 – 2020
    Nissan Titan/Armada
  • $175.00 Flat Rate Shipping in the USA