Nissan 1986-1997 Hardbody

Spring Perch and Bumpstop Kit

SAS Conversion

This CALMINI exclusive kit will allow you to install front springs on a donor Dana 44 axle. This kit is designed to function with our weld-on spring hanger and bell shackle kit. Due to the nature of this part, it can be easily modified for varying application on the D21/WD21 chassis. The upper and lower spring mounts feature two center-bolt locations to allow you to dial in the front axle. The complete kit includes correctly sized passenger and driver spring perches, upper spring mount/bump-stop strike plate, upper bump stop mount plate, polyurethane bump stops, complete U-bolt kit, and instructions.

  • Spring Perch and Bumpstop Kit
  • $194.95
  • NP16509
  • 1986 – 1997
    Nissan Hardbody
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