Nissan 2005-2016 Xterra

Wheel Travel Correction Bracket

Titan Swap Only!

The Titan OEM control arm mid-travel swap is a very popular & cost effective way to increase wheel travel on your Frontier. However, it has some shortcomings regarding potential wheel travel. The Titan OEM control arms lower shock mount clevis is in the wrong location relative to the stock motion ratio of the Frontier. The fix for that is our new Wheel Travel Correction Bracket (WTCB). It is a simple bolt-on relocation bracket for the lower shock mount that adds over 2" (44%) of travel at the Spindle. Comes complete with all hardware & instructions for installation. Super effective and easy to install at home. Fits all 2005-2012 D40 Frontier/N50 Xterra with Titan control arm swap kits.

  • Wheel Travel Correction Bracket
  • $89.95
  • NP17905
  • 2005 – 2016
    Nissan Xterra
  • $13.75 Flat Rate Shipping in the USA