Suzuki 1989-1998 Sidekick/Tracker

Performance Exhaust Combo System

16 Valve 4 Door

This performance combo kit includes the exclusive CALMINI Tri-Y design header and CALMINI 2" diameter aluminized steel pre-bent Cat-Back Exhaust system and turbo muffler. Combo exhaust provides powerful exhaust tone on acceleration yet quiet at idle and cruising speeds. Expect a 15 - 18% horsepower gain with increased fuel economy once this kit is installed. The kit comes complete with everything shown and is designed to be used with stock catalytic converter. Minor welding is required into the stock exhaust system with the header on the 8v models. The 8 valve combo is shown. ** Not for use on pollution controlled vehicles ** Check local laws.

  • Performance Exhaust Combo System
  • $459.95
  • SK1610
  • 1989 – 1998
    Suzuki Sidekick/Tracker
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